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Hi thanks for all you coments on my blog. Just had a thought. Went to see my rummy doc the other day and found he had left and I had a new one. No bad news, I didn't like him anyway. This new one seems ok. He did agree with one thing I said. Every time I have been in hospital which is about four times over the year and I have come out feeling better for a good few months. With the rest from home and normal worries, the drugs and the lovely nurses. Warm rooms and good food, wel at my hospital it is. I left like a new man. He agreed with me, it's a pity we can't all have a week away in hospital to talk about out meds and get pampered. Sadly the NHS can't afford it.

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You make it sound so welcoming, I want to book my bed now!!!! Fortunately I have not had to be in hospital for anything concerning my RA. As long as my cat was looked after, I could do with a bit of a break, with all provided! I know I shouldn't joke about it, but there is something appealing about the idea lol!!

Ally x


Yes save one for me!! I don't know about me having a rest, But I know my hubby will while i'm there ha ha............

He wouldn't mind paying for it neither x


I don't know - I think it depends a great deal on the hospital! But I've only stayed in hospital when having each of my sons. With the third son I cried when it was time to go home (I stayed for a week - as long as I could!) so I do know what you mean. Tilda xx


Don't think I want to go into hospital would prefer to stay at home with my own stuff around me and someone to pamper to my every need but if I had your experience might be ok. Glad you found the new rheumy who you feel you may get on with better than your last one thats really important

cris xx


It makes a lot of difference when you have confidence in you carers doesn't it. I have had a stay in hospital and like someone has already said it gives a break not only foy me but my hubby as well.


Not sure I'd like to stay in hospital any longer than needed, would rather be in my own home.

I remember not being able to sleep when I was in having my children, too much noise everywhere.



The bit I like about hospital stays, are the pre-meds supposed to relax you, with me they put me right out until the next day! Best sleep I have ever had.


Hi Beeper

I live close to you, I will in Wellingborough. Can I just ask which consultant you are seeing now, coz the one I see I'm not over keen on, it seems that I make all the decisions and he goes along with whatever I say !!!

Thanks and take care



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