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Anyone heard of an ultra sound sauna?

Hubby has found 1 on ebay and is quite keen to get it for me as it is suppose to be really good for pain and joints.

Ive never heard of 1 before, only a normal steam sauna.

Has anyone heard or know if they would be beneficial?

Im rather reluctant as it starts bidding at £800 and this is very expensive and will probably go for more.

Hubby says its worth it if it helps though it would stretch us financially.

Any help?

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this will be very difficult to find the answer , like in alot with our illness ,, everybody is different when it comes to what helps us .. so looking for answers and doing research you could get mixed messages ,, at 800 smackers ,, this isnt something you can just buy to see if it works ..

id look around at purchasing a new one and see if you can try before you buy .

sorry i cant help ,, josie .. but im sure one of the lovely rheumy nurses will be along soon to give you more advice ..

andy x


Well 800 is quite reasonable for this "machine"

Think a new one is very much higher in price.

Think i need to check with my rheumy nurse before i buy it.




I would check exactly what it is, and who recommends it as better if you can get some reputable medical opinion before you fork out that amount! I have been to a physio who uses an ultrasound machine which he says helps healing, and they are used for all sorts of medical things such as breaking up gallstones, But there could be a huge variation in the type of machine, and the quality so I would be cautious myself. Polly


Hi Josie

Interestingly, there was a short blog about saunas on here last week, and my colleague Sarah found a study on them. The study was on 'infra red' saunas, and I can't find any mention of 'ultrasound saunas' online so I wonder if that's what you meant? It seems they can vary greatly in price, and I had a quick look on ebay and found some that you zip into for less than £200, but as you've suggested, probably worth asking the nurse what she thinks of the idea before you buy.

Here is a link to the other thread about this, so that you can have a look at the study that Sarah found:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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