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I knew something would go wrong

I was feeling great, i had a great relationship with my GP, Rheumatologist and all my team. My life insurance critical illness paid out and i paid off my mortgage. Eventually heard from DLA and i got highest rates in both parts. Got myself a Hyundai IX20 automatic car. Had my tendon repair operation and was enjoying my recovery time off work to get work done to the house to make things easy for me.

Bombshell arrived today, my lovely Rheumatologist has been promoted to a job in another hospital and has left me in the care of a new rhumi. Got my first appointment on 29th Nov.

I will have to start again creating a relationship with him or her

you don't realise what the relationship with your Rheumatologist means to your care until its over

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My rheumy went on maternity leave at beginning of the year, and I felt abandoned too! can't wait for her to get back. Px

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My rheumy nurse is moving to another hospital................... she was fabulous, I feel so privileged to have had her ...... I was gutted when she told me. Good luck Sarah and best wishes in your new venture - you will be missed xxx

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Lucky you for at least having it all so good for the start though Abannister. I haven't really got a relationship with my rheumy yet - only met him 3 times in 18months and once was on a video link where he kept dissolving into pixels! Hopefully his replacement will be excellent too and you will now have the opportunity to build up another more lasting relationship! Tilda

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Sorry to hear you are losing such a good relationship with you rheumy hopefully your new one will be just as good and you can develop the same with him/her


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Hi hope you don't mind me asking, did you get a payout of critical illness from having RA? I have paid for this insurance but it never occurred to me that it would come under a critical illness or maybe it doesn't .


my old life insurance did not cover RA, but when i remortgaged i took out a new policy with Friends Life. I was diagnosed with RA this year and turned out RA was on their list. Had a bit of a fight but they did pay out for RA. Check what they class as critical illness with your policy, you might be lucky, also needs a good letter from your GP and Rheumatologist.

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Thank you for your reply, I will check it out. Hope you are keeping well.

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I can imagine how you feel, the same thing happened to me,

the consultant who left was a hard act to follow and so far

at least four or five others have come and gone. None of

which appear to want to get to know their patients. I believe

the increasing work load has put paid to many doctor/patient

relationships. Twenty + years back they had more time to talk,

well nearly always. Those days are gone for good.

My nurse has not endeared herself to me so attending clinic

is no longer looked forward to.

I asked my friend who comes with me, "is it me" she said, "no,

none of them listen, they just seem to go through a routine and

move on to the next one", and as for smiling(:(

I have just applied for higher benefit as I need more care now, I should

have done it a couple of years back as I have been struggling to cope.

Friends are saying they always turn you down first time, I do hope not

as I am sick of not paying my way like I should.

I have never liked claiming, don't ask me why, but these days I feel I

should go for everything that I am entitled to, better late than never!

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like you i had never claimed anything in my life worked for nearly 30 years without needing to. I applied for DLA in july 6 months after being diagnosed with RA and got the max for both first time.Thanks to CAB and NRAS

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I am on DLA but that is it, things have steadily got worse so now need

a lot of help at certain times.

I have just had to buy an electric riser chair, has made a big dent in my

pocket. Now people are saying to me that I should be able to apply for

help with the cost of it, how can I when I have bought it!

It is all so confusing when age and drugs make the mind muddled.

We have to wait so long to see CAB, may try age concern if I do not

get any joy.

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