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Hi Everyone

I love Autumn. The landscape is for me at its most impressive at this time of year and when the sun is shining I am in awe of the beauty surrounding me and the way it changes. Every day the light falls somewhere different and exposes little details I might not have noticed before, there is something about the light, the shadows and the vivid colours that makes me feel all warm inside. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year and this year I visited my first Arboretum where for once even I was stunned into silence as my eyes feasted on the beauty surrounding me.

It’s colourful in the office as well, and this provides another reason for feeling all warm and cosy for knitted items are popping up everywhere! The Knit Factor has taken over! I’m imagining you all sitting by the fire all safe and warm with the autumn wind blowing outside, knitting wonderful woolly creations to send to us for our ebay shop. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please do take a look on our website where you will find all the details and hopefully inspiration.

Take care, keep safe with the dark evenings x

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Lovely image Deborah I love autumn too although there are very few trees up here. Driving back through the Scottish Highlands a week ago was a treat though especially the last lap up the East Coast where the trees are magnificent.

I wish I could knit but I lose count and drop stitches galore. If you ever have an embroidery factor I'll be on board though! Tilda


What a nice suprise, Thanks for that Deborah, you really know how to lift us up in these cooler months to come, by finding the most colourfull picture.


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