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Sick day :(

Sick day :(

Having my first RA connected day off work in the 1 1/2 years since diagnosis, my ankles are so sore and prickly and my hips are knacking like a sciatica type pain, my wrist has started prickling too :( I know if I go in I will be on my feet for the full 8 hours of the shift, if they refer me to occ health I can make it official about the 8-10 day shift patterns we have been getting lately, I am exhausted! Just wish when I hurt that I would go red and swollen then they could see it, I don't though just get a bit swollen and never red, and when I have pain killers on board it is tolerable, So why do I feel so bloody guilty?

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You obviously have a sense of duty to feel guilty being off sick but does anyone feel guilty for giving you unworkable shift patterns. staff health and well being should be taken into consideration when doing the rotas but doesnt seem to these days in the NHS. I hope ur pain settles and that you recover quickly. and dont feel guilty

cris x


thanks Chris. Our off duty is churned out by a computer and it is rubbish, the boss is only allowed to make a few changes as well. Many are working long cycles and are tired, i have emailed my concerns to them (re nurses being tired and knock on effects) so hoping something will be done, just waiting to see, fingers crossed!


Sending hugs your way. xxx


Poor you. I think that we develop a sense of guilt about taking time off for RA because deep down we fear that our employers are looking at us and wondering how to offload us. - Paranoid or what? Apparently though, people with disabilities are a lot more reliable in the workforce - probably because we are worried about taking time off.


hiya - i know what you mean about the lack of redness and mild swelling. i can see my own but i feel that others think i am exagerating .. but be asured we know we are not.

hope you are feeling back on track today and on the mend :-)


I feel so sorry for you, I was in this situation and i felt guilty as well as you know that the other staff have to find cover or manage without you, BUT you are sick and anyone who is sick in this country can take time to recover.

I know i worried myself sick and became more stressed due to worrying about being off and consequently made my Ra flare worse, vicious circle! so maybe rest and listen to your won body instead of worrying about everyone else for a change. The off duty does need sorting I found i was doing 6 days and an on call which of course meant another day working really, and i was shattered, but leave that fight for another day, talk to the RCN /unite or whoever maybe and give them copies of what you are asked to do as its probably too much in one week.

But today, duvet day, and lots to drink, hugs and feel better very soon Axx :)


You feel guilty because you are concsientious (?spelling!) and probably thinking about your colleagues and the patients. It is time to think about you, please rest up and don't go back until you are 100% better. I do know how you feel but with an ankle swollen like that you are not doing yourself any favours if you are on your feet all day at work. Take care

Wendy xx


Thanks all, went back on light duty only, just feel bruised if you know what I mean? Loads of painkillers on board as well :) Put RA flare as reason for being sick and under likelyhood of happening again I put very likely! :)


I think you do a excellent job, being on your feet all day and working full time,

I put my hands up to you......

I've been of work since the being of July and felt that I would never be able to return which really upset me as I enjoy working and would sooner be working than stuck in doors most days,

Knowing that a lot of you do work with this condition has given me hope.

I have read a lot of messages about how some employers have been treating them and I think it is discussing and whats worse is when you work for the NHS.........

I have been really lucky, my employer has been really supportive,

I ask him to look up the imformation on RA suffers so that he could understand for his benefit and mine of what to expect from me when I return,(I believed this helped) that's why I am so shocked.

I. Know how you fill thou phoning in sick, I think its because we are loyal staff and enjoy working not like some people that are happy sitting on there bums all day claiming of the state,

So don't fill that guilty you do a excellent job Xxx


I am lucky, being orthopaedic I am really well supported by my boss and colleagues, I think the clerical staff have difficulty with some illnesses. I think lack of understanding is generally to blame, my cousin feels like his bosses are just waiting to find an excuse to let him go. Too many people think RA is the same as osteo arthritis, they don't understand auto immune at all and have no idea about chronic fatigue. And that goes for other auto immune illnesses! Personally, I think they need to do a campaign akin to the ones they do for recognition of stroke or bowel problems after all It IS a life changing and potentially

life shortening illness


I don't share the problems of your job but I do feel lack of visible swelling and redness are a big issue for me too re doctors and people I know. Since I have been away on holiday I have found that ignorance can be quite helpful because people get in a panic about their own aches and pains and google RA and then get a big shot if reality. To me the problem would be best addressed by changing the name to Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. I was of the opinion that "what's in a name?"- but lately I've concluded that the word arthritis doesn't suit what I have all that much now because it distracts from the systemic autoimmune part of the disease which has become more dominant for me than the arthritic aspect.

I have come to believe that until we change the name it will continue to be an issue for people in the work place - even within the NHS. It's probably because you know this yourself only too well that you feel so paranoidand guilty about lack of swelling or visible signs. Rest up and stop worrying!

Tilda xxxx


I agree we really do need a name change, arthritis leads ignorant people ( ignorant not meaning lack of mental ability), especially in the workplace to believe that people with auto immune arthritis are being wimps, something really does need to be done.

Back at work, only had one day off, I am lucky because they really accommodate me on the ward when I have a bad day, others don't have that luxury!

My hips are still sore, especially at night, going to Gp tomorrow to see if he can give me something a wee bit stronger for pain at night, the lack of sleep is exhausting, and my house looks like a barnyard lol


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