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hi all

hi to you all, went to see my rheumy today, going to try me on leflunomide now, as had no luck with salazopyrin and hydroxchiloroquine, so let hope 3rd time lucky, any on leflunomide,as me a bit worried as had me bloods done the last 3time and bloods are not to bad but my b/p, has been hi, and because my r.a, is still not under control ,and be off work sins feb , got to lose my job, but they told me if thing get better then i can apply for a new job, thank you for the support afer being there for 4years,

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Hi missm

I thnk I know what it's like as I tried loads of drugs and cocktails before I got ARava and Humira which seems to be working a good bit, but I lost my job and was told if I improve they would have me Back, but it has been so frustrating ! However the benefit is not having to go to work in the cold and when I am sore.

ARava has been good to me but my blood pressure is going up which can be a side effect so seeing doc again Thursday.

I hope the leflunomide (ARava) is kind to you too and starts to make you feel better, it sounds like its being a long journey for you.

Love Axx


thank you , i am i will be skipping soon , wishing: :), will like you no if my rheumy gives me the go ahead, allanah.x



Im on leflunomide (arava) and after having few problems with dosage i havnt had any bad side affects. Have just upped my dose yesterday so hopefully i'll still be ok.

Mtx on otherhand was a disaster for me!



thank you nice to have some feed back, from other, hope they let me have it and all go well, take care josie.xx


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