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hair pieces and wigs?

any suggestions where to go/websites to use? would the RA nurse be able to help? (I would ring but she's so busy and this isn't urgent)

I'm going to try a fringe piece as my thinnning is at this area....

I thought that after 9 months using mtx my hair would have stopped falling out, baby is just 10 months so hormones not helping either :(

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Hi Wiliby. You have a combination of MTX and new baby hormones to thank for the hair thinning. I have been on MTX for nearly 4 years and my hair is still thinning. I use a company called Alternative Look who are based in Blackpool. They have a very good website with a great choice of hair pieces if you need one and a good choice of colours.

Have a word with the nurse next time you see her - it,s not urgent at this stage. Also when were your bloods last checked? Just to make sure there is no problem with say, your thyroid, particularly with hormones all over the place. You may find once your hormones have settled down that the thinning will slow down as well.

Hope that helps. LavendarLady x


Hello, did wonder where you'd got to (just read your lovely blog!)

I've had a look at the site, good site and did see one I'd quite like but just need to bring myself to go ahead and get one now.

Can I ask you if they are comfortable to wear or do you get itchy with them?

My bloods are been done every 2 weeks so all seems fine there, also had a thought I have recently stopped taking naproxen so maybe that will help also :)

Thanks for your advice, glad you had a lovely holiday and hope your tooth gets sorted soon :) x


Hi Wiliby, I have had a full wig from the company which is lovely - I got it in streaky blonde to make a change from my red hair! Don't wear it very often only if I need a change. I do use their hair pieces - mainly pony tails or scrunchies you can wrap round your own pony tail for extra thickness. Because I have thinning all over the crown, I also have hair extensions which my hairdresser does for me every 3/4 months.

They are a very good company and if they send you something that doesn't suit, they are happy to refund (provided it has not been worn) or send a subsitutute.

The wigs are on stretchy bases which let air onto your scalp so shouldn't itch and can be washed regularly to keep them clean.

Thanks for your good wishes. I also hope I don't have to wait too long for the hospital appt for the tooth. Do post a piccie of the baby. Would love to see it.

Mine are well past the baby stage now and onto small grandchildren!

Best wishes. LavendarLady x


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