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Link to poster and collage

I thought that I would tell you about a great project called "These hands are a visible sign of the enormous strength of people who live with the effects of inflammatory arthritis. People of all ages from around the world are represented in this collage and new photos continue to be added to it on a regular basis. This community program is a symbol of the wonderfully supportive inflammatory arthritis community that continues to grow and connect online. It acts as a reminder that we should be proud of our inflammatory arthritis".

I submitted a photo of my hands for the poster & I just found my hands on the collage too. The collage shows each of my hands separately. They wanted to get (I forget) either 1,000 or 10,000 hand photos & they have surpassed 1,000 already.

My left hand was number 282 on the collage then when I looked again, it was number 1037. (You have to click on a picture to find out what number it is). I don't understand how or why it changed numbers except that they are adding pictures all the time. I never did find my hands on the poster though-because the pictures were so small. But perhaps the poster & the collage are the same thing.

You can send a photo of your hands to them to be included on the collage; I think it is a really cool & great project.

I am proud of my hands & what I can still do with them. My hands generate questions from people & that leads me to educate so many people about RA. I really am, proud of my hands.


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Hi Chris

What a wonderful idea, I would like to view the hand collage, can you post a link that we can just click on please? I use a lap tap with a track pad and its hard to cut and paste with my hands at the moment.

Cheers Joanne x


I would also be interested in the link.

Sounds like a fantastic poster.


That's great Christine, a lovely project. Might see if I can persuade someone to get me a poster for Xmas!

Here's he link



Thanks for posting the link, Polly.


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