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Flare going down

Good morning, after all the pain and stiffness last week I woke up feeling better! Isnt it weird how my RA is always good or bad in the morning when I wake, I know as soon as my eyes open if I am swollen or not or in pain.

So went for coffee with my friends who were all pleased to see me as I called off last week so that was good, and I hope it stays like that as i have my pre assessment for the op on Thursday and on Friday going up to Glasgow as it is my Aunt and Uncles 60th! They are having a ceilidh (not good for me now) and a fish and chip supper(never good for me!!!!) but I bet its going to be fun.

I got pressies online which saved a lot of effort going into town,

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Good to hear some reducing news for a change, long may it continue. Just rest when you can between now and the weekend. Have a great time at the ceilidh.


I am pleased to hear some good news regarding this horrible disease. You will have to take pics of the ceilidh and post them for us to look at. Have a good time. xxx


Hi Allanah - that's great news well done! And does this mean you can swill down some booze with your fish n chips I wonder - what with you being off all meds for now? I do hope so!

Tilda xx


Hi Allanah

Good news your feeling better. Not sure what a ceilidh is, but have a nice time.

Joanne x


Its a traditional Scottish party with trad folk music and dancing Joanne. TTxx


Thanks guys, good news at the doctors today, I have lost two stone since July and my BP is down !! But weirdly my blood sugars have gone up, so they have doubled my metformin! Joanne you have to go to a ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee). They sure great fun, but lots of mad jumping around , clinging onto people's arms and swinging madly! So maybe a bit sore at the moment but I will have a laugh watching the others. And Katy met a lovely boy on holiday and they are planning to meet up again on Saturday in Glasgow, so that will be good too. So thanks for getting me over the last few weeks oh and Tilda ....yes!!! a xxx


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