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ode to ATOS

hello, I believe there are some people

who work for ESA

and when you've had too much of your pain

they take it all away!

they send you for a Med eekle

and after you have been

they send you a letter to confirm

"you're the fittest one we've seen!"

now go out and find a job

because you have no pain.

you'll be well forever

we won't see you again.

you'll work a full 8 hour day

no more "Ouch!" not even a peep

you'll forget 'cos for you're so cured now -

it even hurt to sleep!

now your days are longer,

and you just dance around

not the "old" 2 step -

move one foot.... hit the ground!

look at all the money they've saved

and we can all relax.

no more funding the sick or hospitals

they'll knock it off their tax!

So don't worry if you are sick,

anxiety, pain, depression.

We'll fix it all and cancer too -

the parliament's in session!

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I. Love it... well done you.


Well done.xx


All the funnier for its truths, well done x


Well done and so true xx


Hi sandra, that's scared me as I have my med eekle! on Tuesday, I'm already getting sleepless nights worrying about it as I can walk again now and I'm not in pain everyday, I've stopped crying over RA and looking for a job. Sounds like I will get the same result as you. To be honest it would be lovely not to jump through all their hoops just for the measly £71 a week; and that being contributions based, what a joke all my lifes contributions to be subjected to the insulting of a medical and forced to look for work. I only lost my job due to RA it was my life's ambition, so I'm not swinging the lead, or what ever term the ATOS or DWP wish to label me. Sorry Ranting now must stop and be thankful I am painfree physically, mentally!!!!!all them others sending me mad. What are you going to do?


thanks caggy, I'm in the wrag group.

I'll cross my fingers for you on tuesday - don't underplay things they need to understand just how bad things can get.




thanks everyone,




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