Follow up to initial hospital appointment

Had a good meeting with the Rheumatologist at hospital on Tuesday - although only saw her for a few minutes - most of my examination was carried out by a Rheumatology Physio!

Have been advised to have a one off injection of Depo-Medrone to hopefully stop the RA from spreading.

I have now booked this with my GP for the 7th October and have been told to rest - preferably in bed - for 48 hours to give it the best chance of working.

I wondered how many have had this treatment and to what extent it was successful - I am really hoping for a good result but would like to hear of any other experiences


Erika x

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Hi Erika.

Depo-Medrone injections are the type I have had in the past and they can work extremely well.

It is right,you are best to rest for about 48hrs after to give it the best chance of working.

I hope it works for you and calms down the inflammation, if it only gives you relief for a short while it better than nothing.

It's a pity you couldn't have had the injection on Tuesday when you went, some hospitals give you the injection at the clinic.

They are usually given while your waiting for your medication to work or if your going through a flare they help calm things down.

Good luck and I hope it works.

Take care

mand xx


Hi Erika, Yes depo injections can be really effective at calming things down - I've had them 3 times now & really appreciated the relief, which has lasted from 2 to 6 weeks for me (everyone is a bit different). It won't actually stop the RA from spreading as doesn't have any long term affect on our $%^*£ disease, but does mask the pain and helps bring down inflammation in short term. It's a real shame you can't have it sooner. However, I do hope they're also putting you on some longer term treatment - if not do nag your GP. Hope it works for you. Polly.


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