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Follow up appointment


Just received my follow appointment to my initial diagnosis. It was supposed to be within 6 to 8 weeks but it is not until 2 October which will make it 5 months in all! I’m just wondering how I am going to get further prescriptions for my medication, whether my GP will be able to provide this or whether I have to contact the hospital, has anyone else been In this situation?

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Hi Nana Do you know if your GP has shared care? If so they will be able to give you a prescriptions, otherwise you can ring the rheumy nurse and they will organise one

I was going to say the same ifGP has shared care and they should be able to prescribe your medication. I


Hi. I gather appts to see the Consultant are generally initially 3 months+ because nothing works before then, other than temporary relief from steroids. You might get appt. to see the Rheum nurse before then or you could ask to see one or speak to one if you need to. Some hospitals do all the prescriptions until you are stabilised. You could ring the dept and find out. I hope all goes well for you.

I got repeat prescriptions from my GP. Your consultant should have written to your GP, so if you haven't already got one then ask GP for a copy so you know what was said which might tell you whether shared care or not.

If you are on Methotrexate then you should also have been given instructions about blood tests.

And I feel you weren't given a number for the rheumy nurse then contact the hospital to ask for it. Always good to have to hand. And if you are flexible with timings you can always ask to be contacted if cancellations.

Thank all for your replies. I am usually copied in on all correspondence between the hospitals and my GP so will give at a few weeks and see what happens. I have now spoken with rheumatologists medical secretary who has told me to ring two weeks before meds run out and they can send me a new prescription in the post.

My GP surgery won’t prescribe my mtx injections, I have to email the rheum nurse for a prescription. It’s all about budgets and primary care’s pot of money is less than the hospital’s!

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