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Clinical Trial on RA treatment may be of interest to some.


Just to clarify I just came accross a clinical trial for RA, when I was perusing the net so I accept no responsibility although it all looks above board.

If anyone wants to have a look its a company called ClinLife are looking for volunteers with RA, you have to have failed on 3 Dmards, and not currently on major meds it seems. The criteria is on the site.

You can apply on line. Depending on your situation you may want to look into it.

Again, I am not advertising or promoting, I just happened to see it.

Regards, Gina.

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We are not aware of any Rheumatology units in the UK being a part of this clinical trial.

Information on current trials in the UK can be found in our magazine and on our website.

If you would like to talk to sombody about any issues you have about drugs, side effects and living with RA then please call the Helpline on 0800 298 7650


Had a look, although I'm more than happy with my current meds it always interesting to read about any new developments out there.

I think the trial you saw is only being offered in Belfast? as when I put in local post code there were no trials available here....

thanks Gina :) x


Well I think it came up as Belfast, as that would be the nearest to Dublin, not sure of any of it though :0!


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