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Interesting Research on RA Severity, possible treatment


Hi All!

Saw this on Science Daily, 7/26/18, and thought it to be of interest to the RA community here. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai may have uncovered a way of predicting RA severity through identifying a mutation on the HIP1 gene. Therapy may one day involve removing this gene from the synovial fibroblasts so that they can not respond to PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth Factor). This would reduce the invasive proliferation of the synovial fibroblasts in the joints of RA patients.


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Interesting, but since still only experimenting on cells in a dish it would be many many years before it turns in to anything practical for patients.

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Let's hope it is sooner! :-)

Too late for me!

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And me!!

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And possibly me...but not giving up just yet!!!

Thanks for interesting paper.

A long way yet before it can help sufferers from RA.

Too late for me and many others....

And me👵🏻

New research gives new hope:) Did stumble on this too!😊👍🏻

Thanks for the link. It makes interesting reading.

It seems to work for mice cells. Will it work elsewhere? Will I live long enough to find out?

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It would be great if as is suggested that future treatment for RA could bypass the unfortunate tamping down of the entire immune system. This would be a much more targeted therapy. Let's hope the research pans out soon! And not just for arthritic mice! :-)

Interesting, like so many new developments. We can only hope that with 10 years or so newly diagnosed people will be faced with much brighter prospects of recovery, cure or vaccination. In the meantime we have to count ourselves lucky to have what we have.

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