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Comfortably numb

Well had an hour in the gps she was great gonna chase everything up had a letter from clinic going back on oral mtx so back to the nausea and vomiting fortnight blood tests again tramadol working and steroid injection kicked in now and amtriptiline so sleep beautiful sleep at weekends oh and the most awful toilet related side effects (of the prune juice variaty )even prescription stuff not working and:-( ouch so bit confused happier but not if you knowwhat i mean oh and funiculitus for good measure!

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Great news about the tramadol, steroid injection, amtriptiline and sleep! Other stuff - hum ho! But you so sound as if you are getting there!

I'm flunking life without steroids, hoping that my current state of total yuk is down to withdrawal & will improve. Maybe tramadol's for me, it seems to get mentioned a lot.



Tramadol is lovely and can be very addictive, only because I love the feeling of being taken to another world. I call it my number three pain killer and use it when the pain is unbearable.


Hi Nial451, I hope your reactions from the mtx does not last too long and your bidy gets used to it. Take carexx


Oh yuck! What a collection of woes. Hope things settle for you soon. Pollyx


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