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long time no see

hey all,

sorry i havent been around lately i was admitted back in to hospital and we still dont no whats the matter with me but i got an appointment with my doctor bout my RA its for the 26th of next month after my next infustion.

but now im waiting for a camera test to be done on me and they will be looking at both my bowel and stomach with cameras on the same day so untill them i dont no what wrong with me my arthritus is playing up and im now on morphine for the pain in such a bad place atm xxx

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It sounds like you've been having a thoroughly miserable time. I hope your tests go well and you can get some answers and treatment soon. Gentle hugs

Paula x


Sending cyber hugs to you. Hope the tests go well. I have had the camera put down once to find out if i had a hiatus hernia which i did. You won't know that you have had it done. sylvi.xx


Good luck Charhunt - hope they sort you out so you can come back from the bad place very soon. Tilda x


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