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I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this biologic drug for R/A. I am on rituximab at the moment and not doing too well. I have been told the next drug they will try will be Tocilizumab but after reading about the drugs on the internet i came across one called ABATACEPT that is supposed to be as effective as the others but with a lot less side effects but no one has mentioned this one to me. I would be interested to hear of anyone that is on this drug and if it is available to everyone. millie x

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Hello Mille

Sorry that you are not doing well and that Ritux is not helping you.

If you type "NICE Abatacept" into Google, you will find the relevant guidance - from my quick look, it seems that NICE has made a decision that Abatacept is not cost effective for prescribing on the NHS - whch is probably why it hasn't been mentioned to you.

Really hope that, if you do move to Tocilizumab, it will work for you.



Thank you for your reply Tilly, it is much appreciated. I had a read at it and looks like you are right. hope you are well. x


I also read on the NICE guidelines recommendations not to prescribe it because it causes an increased risk of Lymphoma as well.


I have been on Abatacept for 10 weeks now, so it is being prescribed. I Have had less flares in my fingers since on it, and have not had any bad side effects


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