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RA and painful swollen ankles

Does anyone have a problem with swelling ankles and painful legs? I have had RA for many years and until recently was on Methotrexate for several years. I am now on Sulphasalazine (for last 3 months) but have felt more pain, fatique and swelling since the change over. I am hoping that when it kicks in properly that it will control my RA as well as the MTX did.

(I changed because of severe hair thinning and loss) Now waiting for remission to become evident. I am also experiencing problems with swallowing and feel a slight clicking when I swallow but not when I am drinking liquid directly.

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i have terrible pain and swelling in ankle also in hands I to am taking sulph for the last 12 months I was taken of methotrexate also and I have had 2 infusions of rituximab but only slight improvment am now waiting to try somthing else I know how you feel but hopfully they will find the right meds for us all soon xxx


Thanks for your reply bigmommy (sorry don't know your name)

I'm wondering whether there is something else other than my RA that is causing the swelling and bruising in my ankles. Have an appointment with the rheumy team at my local hospital next Monday so hoping they can sort me out.

Fran x


Hi Fran

Hope the appointment helps with getting to the bottom of these problems. After 3 months the sulfasalazine should have had time to kick in, but may not be at its full potential yet. However, it is a good time for them to assess it and see if they think anything should be added to it etc.

In terms of the problems with swallowing, does your mouth feel dry? There is a condition called Sjogren's syndrome that a lot of people with RA have, which can make their eyes/throat etc quite dry, and that could cause problems with swallowing. Might be worth mentioning at your appointment. You can read more abour Sjogren's here:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Many thanks Victoria, I have a long list of things to discuss with the Rheumie team when I go next Monday. I have made use of the link you sent me and yes, it seems likely that I may have secondary Sjogren's syndrome as I experience all the related symptoms so will also mention this to the rheumatologist. I do appreciate your help and advice and once again thankyou for the comment. Fran


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