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Drugs at last!

I am finally going to start on a new drug - Humira - can't wait! I've heard good things about it and know that some of you are familiar with these anti TNF drugs. I had to stop Methotrexate 9 months ago because of raised liver enzymes so have been having varying degrees of joint pain ever since. I had a liver biopsy in March and the result is STILL not clear - even after the slides were sent to Kings! I was in more or less complete remission for 12 years on MXT so it's been a frustrating wait to start something else. I've had the chest X-ray (along with hand and feet x-rays) and blood tests to check I am fit so just waiting for results and funding!

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Great news Jane I hope the approval comes through for you soon. It's such a shame the mtx caused you problems after such a long phase in remission. Fingers crossed you get great results with Humira and your pesky liver starts to do as it's told

Paula x



I have just had my fourth Humira injection after having previously MT8, Remicade, Enbrel, Steroid infusions, sulphalsalazine but unfortunately non of those worked for me.

However it feel different this time, i dont feel so sore, i feel like I'm moving better and I'm so hoping this might be the start of a better period for me after 18 months of pain and disability, I know that i s unusual but the Doct did tell me I am unusual, ha ha!!! Also he increased my Arava so this might be a good combination!

So let us hope Humira is for us and let me know how you get on as well, hugs



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