Update on Starting a Support Group in St .Ives, and Your opinions Count !

PS. included pic of New Haircut LOL

Update on Starting a Support Group in St .Ives, and Your opinions Count !
PS. included pic of New Haircut LOL

Firstly I am still working on the Webpage extension of my Face Book page for RA, Fibro, and Other Auto Immune Disease Support Group x

Actually I have been offered a room at the Metta Centre here in St Ives, as a place to hold meetings of support, so people can share with like minded people who are also suffering, and Like me, dont have someone in their life to share with, I think the Idea of the Page is to get the word out, also, If the group grows Larger, It has been offered to me (the Group) a room at the Surgery in town, that has been offered by the PPG Patient Participation Group, and also I can announce the Group when it begins in The Stennack News Letter,

So I think it will roll on all on its own and Grow, I am just waiting for the room at the Metta Centre to be availabe for start, so this is why I have asked People Here for their input and thoughts, That way "all of us" have contributed in some way, and can "all be proud" of this group, when it is up and running, and hopefully, This will inspire more people on this site,

to do the same in their area, If they, Like Myself, Dont have one Locally, and the nearest Group already running is Just too far to Travel, This is what has Happened to me, And this is why I have had the desire to start this up xx

I also have the support of the community Support Worker at our local surgery so All Ideas are welcome, Ideas on Content, and or Names for the Group, I have some in mind, but suggestions are welcome , Please Pass on I will keep You updated on the progress x



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  • Lisa,I am proud to have you as a friend. You have been very busy and hard to get this all set up despite the pain you have been suffering. Love sylvia.xxx

  • Awww What a lovely thing to say Sylvia, I try really hard, and do fight inbetween the bad times, to do this, but I dont want anyone to feel as lost as I do here in StIves xx Love U Bunches Mi Lady xxx

  • Love the Haircut! That is darling! And I am proud of you for continuing on to this point, that is a tremendous accomplishment. I hope it will go on and on for a very long time.

    Great to have the second meeting room available too. Do you have a program set up for your first meeting? What is the name of your Facebook page, or is that what you are still considering? All the best. Lxxx

  • Hi There Thanks for the Hair compliment, it had to be something I could do without moving my arms much as I cant dry it, I am still working on the name and the details, I have been sidetracked for a few days as well, completely Lost Wed all together, been ill all since Tues Night, all of Wed slept, and woks at 4pm and realized the day had gone, had some water and took my pills and MTX on empty tummy, and was in writhing pain all nite to where I almost rang the ambulance the pain was excruciating, all through my bones and muscles I squirmed in bed for hours crying, Thats when I wish these doctors could see me, when I am in that state anyhow I will keep u updated on progress of meeting name place and pages to follow

    Take Care Lisa xxx

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