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Auf Wiedersehn NRAS!

Auf Wiedersehn NRAS!

Hello all,

Sad news today, this is my last ever full week at NRAS and therefore my last ever blog! I’ve had a fantastic time at the charity with lots of fun, giggles and more questionnaire drafts than you’ve had hot dinners.

Particular perks have included a MASSIVE 10km run dressed as a cowboy from the Village People with a very trendy toy gun, moustache and a cowboy hat which sat next to me on the desk for a couple of weeks to remind me of my triumph. I’ve also punished my colleagues with some of my culinary creations including a very retro cheese and pineapple hedgehog for our Jubilee picnic. If they’re not careful I might even subject them to another one of my super duper banana and chocolate loaves that are totally unidentifiable and have a tendency to collapse.

I’ll take lots of great memories with me into my new role as Research Officer at another charity and a lot of very useful skills. It goes without saying that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you and am extremely grateful for all the time you’ve given in contributing to NRAS research projects. So finally, so long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehn NRAS, I’ll miss you!


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