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Does anyone have any advice re nerve paia?

Hi Everyone,

Any advice would be much appreciated. For the last six months or so I have had horrendous nerve pain in my right knee my GP has referred me to Rheumy, Rheumy referred me to Surgeon, surgeon is going to do knee replacement but on the left knee 1st as that becomes more swollen & stops me walking. My right knee will be replaced a year later but in the meantime I am having ever increasing nerve pain in it, like an electric shock going down from my knee and like a nettle sting for hours after. Tonight for the first time I wonder if I can continue to drive as I had the pain whilst driving and could not use the brake and had to stop with handbrake (luckily no one behind me!) Can anyone give anu suggestions/advice please? Thanks Donna

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Hi Donna,

There are specific pain-killers that are great for nerve pain. Pregabalin is the name one of them I think. My rheumy put me on it for pain from nerves being squashed by my spine. They didn't get rid of it completely but certainly took the edge of it. - It might be worth asking.




Hi Donna, have you been given a steroid injection? Steroid injection has been helping my sciatica which is also a 'nerve pain'. The injections I've had were in the bottom so they give all round relief. I did have to ask for it.

Judi xxx


Hi, your lucky the injections worked for you, i had 2 years of steroid and different sorts of jabs into my back, to relieve nerve pain, given under sedation...unfortunately after a month i was back to being in severe i wish i could have my normal life back !!...pain free


amitriptyline, pregablin, gabapentin and duloxetine are all used off licence for nerve pain


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