spots on the ends of fingers anyone?

This week I've developed something new (for me anyway). Little red spots on the pulp ends of my fingers, worse on my two thumbs and very sore. Oh, and there are a few on the edges of the palms as well.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has these?

Am I just over-using my poor hands when they are swollen?

Is the unaccustomed heat I wonder......? Super, isn't it, to have the SUN!

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Hello oldtimer,

I just wanted to agree with you about the sun. What a difference it makes eh?

I can't help on the finger front as I have no idea what the red spots might be other than circulation maybe?



Could it be pompholyx eczema? I suffer from

this. It is only a guess but because of the position of the spots it made me think it could be. If you drew a line round your hand where the front of your hand meets the back of your hand (ie sides of palm and the sides & tops of fingers) that is where it usually starts.

Just a thought - could be completely wrong!



Could also be the sun? I am now horribly sun sensitive, and come out it all sorts of spots, bumps and so on when I forget my vampire costume. It's probably best to get it checked, as could also be something proper. My OH had shingles which started with a spot on his nose. Luckily his vanity took him off to GP who recognised it before it got too out of control... Px


hiya i asked this question a while ago. i get little red lumps on my fingers that are very painful. they last about a week and then disappear for a while and then they come back.


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