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Facial flushing

Thank you all for your comments an suggestions re my ast post 'facial flushing and rash'. I have seen my GP and had a blood test and I now know its not my hormone levels now that is doing this so advised to speak to Rheumy about it on next apt which is only a few weeks away. At least I can't blush at the moment as constantly blushed ! Have a great day everyone. x

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Hi There! My face comes out in hives and burning rash every 3-6 weeks regularly now and I have been given piriton. It does take the burning away but am left with spots! The GP believes in my case its the cimzia-drugs I have been on and left with after effects. I have taken photos on some of the occasions as it never seems to be when I am due to see the Rheumy ha ha (many months between apts). Hope you get it seen to and let us know the outcome from your next apt? Asa'a mum xx


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