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Increase in facial hair


I am finding I have/get a lot more facial hair than I used to. Not exactly what I dreamed of, especially since I have dark hairs.

I suspect it started after I was put on oral prednisolone. I have been on it for a little iver 6 months now on a low dose (7,5mg)

Has anybody else experienced this unfortunate side effect?

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Yes but I'm quite fair I got new thing called flawless saw it on tv £20 does the job and very light worth a try !'nn

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Got one, works well!


Yes, it's happened to me too, mostly around my chin.

I find the black hairs are a different texture to my "normal" facial hair, harder and spikier. So I tweezer them out.

Now they are kind of ingrowing so I end up with sores or pimples on my chin a lot.

I'd just colour them, but every time I put my hand on my chin I feel then and it annoys me !


Hi Marie, I am the same and didn't know what was causing it, but did wonder about the Prednisolone. I get very black hairs mostly around my chin and a few on my upper lip and neck. Last year I started to have laser treatment which worked very well. However, I spent a fortune on it for about six months and then finished in January. Since then I seem to have black hairs growing even worse than ever. I think if I just left them, I could get a job as a bearded lady! I pluck them out but it takes ages to do them and like you say, I can feel them every time I touch my chin. I am thinking about going back for more laser treatment, but if I do, then I expect they will only come back again when I finish.


Hi I have become more hairy in the chin of late but I think that is more to do with menopause than anything else. Would recommend the Flawless Its gentle and so far I havent had blond hairs grow back black, the ones i do have I tweeze out. If you get in grown hairs try tea tree oil on the area right after hair removal. LOL facial hair is something I have had most of my life being pale skinned and dark haired. xxx

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its the menopause

I have them but mine are grey


Not in my case, at least not according to my doctor


It was my husband that noticed.

I was on steroids for a 3 month course of the medication. I was driving and I guess the light was shining on me in such a luminescent way.

He teased me, and asked if I needed to visit his barber.

I got home and looked in the mirror. My head-hair is very dark brown but I had White peach fuzz all over my cheeks, chin and upper lip. One really big black wirey hair just under my chin.

I was not impressed. And how could I not have noticed this! I dry shaved the white peach fuzz and plucked the Witchy wire hair.

Steroids can sure help a woman discover her masculine side.


Well sorry so many is troubled by this side effect, but also nice to know I am not the only one.

I am from Denmark and tried to see if the Flawless is sold here, I did find it but it more than £60 so for now I think I keep waxing or using a tweezer


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