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I didnt inform DVLA when I was diagnosed last year, to be honest I did not think about it- too much to take in at the time plus I had other family issues going on at the same time. It was not til my OT told me to inform them,recently,

I emailed them tonight hoping I got the email address correct, now Im worried sick in case I broke the law?

Can anyone advise me please?

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Just been on their web site and found this

If you suffer from arthritis, telling DVLA will depend on whether your condition affects your driving.

If you do not use special controls for driving

If you do not use special controls for driving - you do not need to tell DVLA.

If you use special controls for driving

If you use special controls for driving - you will need to tell DVLA.

Hope this helps.



Hi, RA is not a notifiable condition unless you have an adapted car or it seriously affects your driving. But having said that, you must inform your insurance company of medical conditions and medications you take.

I remember a few years ago one insurance company requested a letter from the DVLA confirming I was fit to drive. Luckily the nice lady at DVLA was really good and provided the letter.

Beth x


I informed DVLA when I was first diagnosed with glaucoma. (Had to see one of their people for an eye test and was then sent a letter confirming I was fit to drive.)

Having worked many years ago in insurance I informed my Ins. Co. when I was diagnosed with RA (or shortly after) - I've seen so many claims refused that I didn't feel it was worth the risk of having a possible claim thrown out. When I renew every year I am asked if my health has changed or have I been advised not to drive. It didn't affect my insurance premium.

Judi xxx


Ooh am little concerned meself now, diagnosed at 23 didnt pass me test until 30 and have never mentioned RA to insurance or DVLA (am 39 now) dont required modified or adapted car so not concerned about DVLA but the insurance one is a little disconcerting...


Thanks guys.

Good to know i'm not in bother

My insurance is due in August so I will wait til then.

Thank you all for your replies xx


I notified my insurance company as soon as I was diagnosed, it was my GP who notified the DVLA as he decided I was unfit to drive, due to weakness in hands and feet, knees and also due to being on high doses off morphine.

Three years in and still no license back but I have to admit I don't have full concentration any more so I do agree (now) with my GP that I'm not fit to drive anymore, well at least maybe until I get some kind off control on this disease.

Just make sure you inform your insurance company and you should be ok.

Julie xx


Remember though , if you are medically unable to have a driving license , this could mean you qualify for a free bus pass .. little compensation, i know , but worth considering.

Rich :)


THanks Rich,

Yes my doctor advised me off the bus pass when I was upset at first as a way off calming me lol. And he also got me an electric wheelchair rather than just the push one so I could control it myself.

I knew myself I wasn't fit to drive and hadn't done but when the option was taken away from me I felt as If I had lost all my limbs.

I know August isn't far off rekimaster but if god forbid you were to have an accident in the mean time your insurance could be null and void. I wouldn't wait its not worth the risk.

Take care

Julie x


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