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Well lovely people, Yesterday hubby and i went to the National Arboritum in Stafford. The place is lovely, BUT if your disabled and in a electric scooter don't bother. When we got there we were told in no uncertain terms that my scooter was not allowed in the visitors centre, where by the way are the toilets, restaurant and shops are. This is because there have been accidents involving scooters. This despite the fact that they hire scooters for people with limited mobility. They told me that i could go in a wheelchair and then i could go into the visiters centre.To say i was upset was putting it mildly. Just because some kids had run into one that was one of the reasons that i was given. Then another was that people in them didn't know how to use the ones on hire.was another. I told them that was not acceptable, i can turn the speed down on mine and i always say excuse me and never use the the horn on mine. I asked did they think that i'm stupid or something. The staff that were there was very nice to me and they underdrstood what i was saying. They even offered to push me themselves which was nice of them. I told them at a place like the eden project i could expect to find parts that i couldn't access, not at a memorial to dead servicemen, a lot of people are elderly and cannot get about any other way. I felt humiliated, i told them that i was having enough trouble coming to terms with my limited mobility without being discriminated against because of it. I've had RA for 8yrs now,but it is only in the last year that i've really had any problems that have made my condition worse. I'm afraid it took the shine of a lovely day. Also you can't access all the areas as its all grass. You can get there,but it is a very rough ride, as i did it. No doubt i'll pay for all the jolting about today.

It is certainly worth a visit and it is very peaceful. We felt we didn't want to eat there though as we couldn't go into the restaurant. I did struggle to go to the loo as i was desperate, but it was hard work i can tell you. The heat made it harder for me and my joints were worse for it.

I'm sorry for ranting on like that but it upset me i'm afraid.

I hope you are feeling brighter today and have slept well and are relativily pain free.


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Oh Sylvi I am sorry to hear of your encounters at the Aboretum. Like you said it is more likely that you are going to get people who need assistance at a place like that than anywhere! But then even that is besides the point - they disallowed it because of what - accidents - well people can fall over and break an ankle you don;t need a scooter to have an accident. My god it does make you mad. It probably is all down to liabaility insurance... how sad.

Despite that I am glad you found some peace there.

I did indeed sleep well last night - never head a thing until 5.30 this morning (was in bed and asleep by 9.45), it does make such a difference.

Take care

Julie xxx


I'm so pleased that you got some rest last night. Just to add insult to injury, this morning on my way back from a car boot i fell off my scooter and grazed my arm and shook my system up. So that'll do wonders for my ra. Now going to take some pain killers and rest for the rest of the day.

Take care.

Sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvi, sorry to hear the problems you had at the Arboretum and being refused entry to the centre just because you had your scooter with you. I do wonder if by doing that, they are in breach of the Equalities Act. I think their excuses were pathetic.It may be that a wheelchair is the answer next time, annoying as it is and get one of the staff to push you round! Some shops of course, don't allow the scooters in either although our local Morrisons even supplies one for customers to use who need assistance! Have a good rest now - hope the arm heals up ok. Look after yourself. lavendarLady x


thanks for that it made me smle. Am lying on my bed letting hubby know the cricket scores as he is at work bless him. I will be contacting them about yesterday and i will go into my local british legion office and have a good moan there as well.

Sylvia. xx


Good for you. Go for it. LL x


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