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breast reduction

I have always been big breasted but since developing ra have had lots of trouble with my neck/shoulders. Have been accepted for breast reduction everyone being supportive except one "friend" who says I am off my ***head and that it wont make things better. What do others think Thank you

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I think it will help with back pain, don't think would be approved for back pain if not. Are you quite small heightwise?

But hey! lucky you most people these days looking for more. I'm average & tall so least of my probs, lower back pain when you are tall with RA!


Thanks Gina. I am 5ft 10 but have never been at ease being big breasted. I also have lower back pain which will hopefully get better when I have my back injected or have my foot surgery redone



Although I don't have this problem, my sister does, it has been really hard/painful for her and she doesn't have RA.

Her doctor has also suggested a breast reduction and I think she may go for it, I agree with her, also, she has a confidence problem with it (she's beautiful though!!) and I can see why as people do tend to stare, she wears clothes far too big to tried hide it and finds it hard not to slouch.

Good luck, if you want it, go for it :)


Thanks Wilby I too have had confidence problems and the RA gives me enough pain so anything that relieves this will be helpful both my Osteopath and my GP support me as do most of my friends except this one. I really dont see what her problem is. Ill let you know how I get on and tell your sister to go for it


Hi Kath, big boobs are known for causing shoulder and neck pain and can really affect your posture which causes problems in the lower back as well (according to my chiropractor). go for it - you will feel a lot better (and lighter!). Ignore the so called friend - she is talking out of the back of her neck - probably jealous! I had to have a breast reduction on one side following a mastectomy on the other. I have been very pleased with it and not had any problems apart from a slight lack of sensation (sorry if that is too much info!).

Good luck. LavendarLady x


I think you might be right about the jealousy she is always going to do this or that but never gets around to it. The surgeon did warn about the possible lack of sensation but as I am not in a relationship its not really a problem. Thanks for your advice


I had a breast reduction when I was 21 (59 now so a long time ago) It was the best thing I ever did. I was round shouldered with big dents in my shoulders from my bra straps. It is a big op and there is a loss of sensation but it makes such a difference. Suddenly I could buy clothes that fitted.I don't know if this is relevant to you but I also went on to sucessfully breast feed 3 children.


Thanks Sue. I dont know what there problem is and what gives them the right to tell me what to do. Everyone I know who has had it done says its the best thing they ever did. It is interesting that you managed to feed your children because in my work - Midwife we are getting more and more women who have had this op. Some do successfully breast feed and some dont. I look forward to going into stores and knowing they might have something to fit me and are not going to look at me like I have four heads which has happened before


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