Back to basics - what treatment for a sudden golf ball of inflammation in ankle? My good ankle:(

Just wanting a little bit of basic advise. There I was minding my own business, in a post holiday haze, when all of a sudden I was in pain,not normal pain NEW (&not improved!), on closer inspection of left ankle I find a ball of soft sqidgey inflammation.

Rested, iced, heated, diclac ed, paracetamol ed, bathed in pernaton green muscle extract, & gelled, still the soft ball remains :( will I pierce it lie the consultant would (joke)

Any other ideas would be appreciated. Bloods taken yest, so maybe will have increased ESR. Or CRP ?

Just when I thought was safe to go back in the water along comes the nasty shark with the big teeth called RA.

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Gina i have this as well, like a ball of fluid. I have been given those really tight socks but i know that is more about veins, it does have some impact on the fluid though by reducing it slightly.

If you can get any answers i would be delighted to hear them.


No answers sadly, just sympathy. And you were doing so well after the op. Did you overdo it on holiday? Better shuffle off to doc as soon as you can, as don't want to put more pressure on the other one. Px


Yes go to your GP or even better your rheumy Gina. All I can say is that my ankle swelled up horribly at the end of my trip away to Bristol, Wales and Edinburgh. I took Naproxen when I got home and it went right down within 24 hours. I rarely take these things because they block me up and aren't good for me so when I do they really work. Since I increased the dose of MTX the ankle pain has gone away almost 100%. I had it for 5 months or so and was starting to really worry that it was doing damage. It's probably just that you've overdone things as we all do when the going gets a bit good. I know you've had a lot of trouble with your ankles so I would try and see one of your rheumy team about it asap. Tilda xxxx


Thanks for answers all. I am not due to see my Rheumy until Oct. will see what bloods say on Friday with GP.

It's just worrying, given that inflammation equals damage being done as far as I am concerned.

Hopefully, have just overdone it, or as a friend suggested maybe was the flights. Will continue. The usual standard treatment, really at this stage professionals will only change meds, maybe if inflamm markers raised they will increase mtx back to 20. I have been at 1! For ages.... Hope humira hasn't stopped working, had injection today, hate taking diclac, but naproxen doesn't work for me.



How is it today? Any better? Px


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