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Knee injection

I am waiting to hear about having an injection into my knee that is a steriod and something radioactive. Apparently I will then be in plaster for 3 weeks. This was kind of just chucked at me by the rhemy nurse at an emergency appt recently and I had to make the decision on the spot. I had a steriod injection in the butt on Oct that lasted only a few weeks. Had a steriod injection in the knee years ago that didn't last long either. I have been in a flare up in Sept last year. This is the worst one I have had so far.

Can anyone tell me anything about this injection?

The nurse wasn't really up for a Q&A - one of those folks that seems to think that you as the patient will know all the jargon and be an expert on anatomy and physiology and RA. Up to now my RA hasn't really caused a great deal of probs. Been on MTX for 10 years varied doses between 10 and 15mg but now up to 20mg.

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Hi, I went for an injection into my shoulder, it only lasted a week and I certainly don't think the pain is worth it for such a little time, does anyone else think it is worth the pain if it doesn't last very long?. All the best with your next injection in your knee.

I hope it lasts one hell of a lot longer this time.



Hi, it's called a yttrium injection ,i had one about 10 yrs my right knee.

I wasn't put in plaster though so that's probably a new thing, i was just told to not walk on in for 24 hours.

This worked quite well for a long time in regards to pain and swelling.

There is alot of info. on the net if you put yttrrium injectio in.

Hope this helps, would be interested to know how you get on

Beth 48 x


Thank you. I'll go and take a look online now I know what to look for.

Apparently there's about a 6 week wait to get to see the Dr about this and then I guess a further wait while they get you booked in.

I am sure she said that it needs to be in plaster for 3 weeks - that was my biggest concern as I am my other half has uncontrolled epilepsy and I am his only carer. It's going to take a lot of planning and working out!


Hi, It all seemed a bit scarry at the time especially the radioactive bit and wasn't allowed to stand on it afterwards,had to be taken to the car in a wheelchair.On the first attempt the guy in that dept.couldn't get the needle in the correct place in the joint so it had to be postponed for another day.My clever rheummy came over from my useual hospital to do the injection himself and i was so grateful for that.Having said all that it really did help for a long time and really hope that it works for you.

PS YTTRIUM is pronounced as ITTRIUM bit easier on the tongue lol

let me know how you get on as really intrigued by the plaster bit ?

pm me if you don't want to blog

take care Beth 48


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