Referred to rheumatologist

Ive been referred to a rheumatologist who I'll see later this month. Little bit nervous about what to expect. Been feeling rough since about 8th April. Horrendous heartburn, painful swollen hands mainly in the mornings and what I think is Raynauds also fatigue and nausea!!! Don't know what's up with me so really hoping for some answers!!

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Hello Kerry, your bloods must have come back with some degree of inflammation thus your referral. When i first went the consultant checked hands, feet, knees and asked a lot of questions about pain, mobility and when it is worse etc.

If it is rheumatoid arthritis they do have a host of drugs to try you on to try and stabalize it.

All the best and i hope you get some answers as well.


Hi Kerry, when I got my consultant appointment, we had about 30 mins discussion about my problems, which were my hands so swollen i looked like i had stolen the Mitcheln mans hands LOL (I can laugh now as the swelling has gone). I was started on hydroxychloroquine, had full bloods and xrays of hands and feet as during the exam my feet were swollen (didnt realise how much until they were touched), I was also given the helpline number for the rhuemy nurse. Then I had a steriod injection (didnt realise they hurt so much!), then 3 days later I had a fat envelope come through with my next 6 appointments a mix of both the nurse and consultant. I hope that helps a little, good luck and I hope you get stable soon.


Hi Kerry, it's all a bit of a minefield when you start this journey.

I had my first appt in March, and went there on my own.

I was convinced I had a virus, and expected it to be confirmed.

It all got a little surreal then, as I was examined, questioned, bloods, sent for x rays.

I came home in a bit of a daze.

So, if you have someone to go with you, then I think it would be a great support.

Good luck with your appointment and let us know how you get on.



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