What different pain relief methods do you use? I eat bananas

Have you tried different pain relief methods?

I (DW of RAsufferer) suddenly developed leg pains at night. Because of the fact that I don't want to take meds for pain I started eating a banana before bedtime - so far it works 100% for me.

Read more - benefits of bananas -


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it could work if you are low in potassium??....!


Thanks for posting, it made interesting reading. Pretty impressive that something as simple as a banana before bed cured your leg pains. I'm making it my new mission to learn more about the medicinal properties of foods. I was recently discussing with my friend how she ate iron rich foods to prevent her chronic anaemia when she couldn't tolerate iron tablets. Anything natural that helps has got to be good.

Paula x


Thank you for your post and the interesting links. So glad they work for you. Going to eat more because since my little granddaugher started toddling my neck gets so sore when I pick her up and carry her - even for short spells - to the point when I go to bed my neck and head is so sore I can't pick my head up. So thank you - much appreciated. X


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