Pain Relief...What do you take?

Pain Relief...What do you take?

Hi all, just a thought as to what everyone takes for the pain relief? There's so much prescribed at the moment and as we know were all very different with our RA, what suits one may not suit another and son on.

Some of you may even use alternative medicine!!

Many years ago I remember taking Temgisic a lot don't even know if you can still get that, I'm sure lyn knows and remembers.

Then there's Tramadol, couldn't take that made me go on a high! was drowsy but couldn't sleep, strange. Have Oramorph on hand when I need it not very often but good to know it's there.Have also got the patches on repeat too but most often take co-codamol, depends how I am like most of you I suppose.

mand xx

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  • hi.. im allergic in a bad way to tramadol...

    I take Co.codamol, and etorcoxib (arcoxia)

    and during flares or peroids of bad sleep 10mg amitrtypline(used for nerve type or breakthrough pain at night)

  • less is more..i dont take more than i have too, tens machine and massages help too, as does a soak in a bath.. gym.. jacuzzi

  • I agree Alison, best not to get to reliant on them, and a good soak can certainly help. Just the simplest of things sometimes.

    mand xx

  • I can only take paracetamol (which is tramadol) because I also take arcoxia every day for the anti-inflamatory so can't take anything like neurofen. Co-cocodamol does terrible things to other parts of me so that's no good! Fortunately my RA is mild and paracetamol on top of all the other meds usually does the trick when I need it. When it doesn't then I use the TENS machine, which is fantastic, wax bath if it's my hands that are the problem, exercises, ultrasound from the physio ... it all helps.

  • Yes a combination of all the right things can certainly help.

    mand xx

  • umm... paracetamol (acetaminphen) and paramol or panadol are the same !!BUT NOT tramadol WHICH is an opoid analgesic,or painkiller its full name is tramadol hydrochloride, brand names are zydol, zamadol or plain tramadol

  • yep!! put me on a high!!

    mand xx

  • i take co-codamol 500/10

    I used to take 500/30. When I was in this terrible flare and out of it in pain i was prescibed tramadol but didnt suit me. Ima bit scared if they gave oramorph I take it recreationally !!!!!!

    Alison do you think its dangerous to take pain killers every day? as I do.

    I am going to look into the wax thingy as I have never heard of it.


    Couldnt take Arcoxia my legs blew up ( not a pretty sight )

  • I take Co-Dydramol 10/500 during the day, regularly, to keep pain at bay and Paracetamol with Di-hydrocodeine 30/500 at night. I did have some Tramadol left from Cyprus which I have used sparingly during the night when needed but now run out. Don't think GP too happy to give me something else to add to the bucket! Perhaps if I could give up the Naproxen I could do a trade for Tramadol?? Also in the cupboard I have some Nortryptiline but they don't seem to do anything ... so they sit there!

  • I find co-codamol 500/10 but 500/3 even more - knocks me out and makes me feel very peculiar! So rarely use them.

    Tramadol made me feel very odd too - don't take that either.

    Oramorph is good and I just use it when I really need it. It deals with the pain on me, but I don't get any other side effects - certainly doesn't make me high or want to use it recreationally! Am careful with it as it's addictive.

    Use amytriptyline (old fashioned and more side effects than Nortryptline) - for the nerve pain, which also gives me a good night's sleep. Nortryptline helped the nerve pain - but I still didn't sleep! Makes you feel a bit spaced out the next morning though.

    Tens machine backfired as it made my nerve pain even worse - but then I guess that's to be expected - if it was just RA pain in would probably help more.

    The summary is: I do amytriptyline every 3 nights (to get some sleep) and oramorph about once a week. Volterol max dose everyday!!

  • ok to some up.. tramadol is bad for quite a few of us.... co.codamol. or paracetamol ok... then which ever anti inflam suits us, be it naproxen, diclofenac(voltarol trade name) or etorcoxib(arcoxia).. please take anti inflams with food never on a empty stomach.. and if you can get gp to prescribe omprazole or ranitidine to protect your stomach even better..

    bad pain... take oramorph or tramadol if it suits you or consider morphine patch or similar

  • Hi Alison, excellent typing skills lol!! must be the names of all those drugs, your so used to typing them I presume.

    mand xx

  • my typing is pants.. up at 1am.. with a flare.. should be srtuck off i reckon.. joints and eyes hurt... need some artificial tears.. will have to wait til 7am when sainsburys pharmacy.. opens... had a nice chat with out of hours doc..about sypmtons.. at least it is not iritis.. which was my fear!!. he says I /WE SHOULD

    WRITE TO OUR MPS!. Re health service/ funding/ prescip charges.. let me at them I am in an evil mood with painful joints and sore eyes.... aaagh

  • Hi Alison, no better time to have have moan and rant when having a flare!!

    Trouble is you haven't got the energy. Hope your feeling a little better today, I know it will take time to get over your flare but you will get there I'm sure.

    Take care

    mand xx

  • Hi Alison

    I get sore eyes ! apparently I have Sjogrens Syndrome as well as RA and that means my eyes dont produce a normal amount of tears.

    I found it out when at the hospital. The consultant stuck bits of paper into my eyes to measure my tear production which was lower than normal. Weird cos I thought I had produced plenty of tears over the last few months. hey Ho !

    V annoying about the drugs. however I am lucky in that I have an underactive thyroid and so can get free scripts because of that. Think the RA is much worse though than the nunderactive thyroid problem.


  • Co-codamol 30/500 and Naproxen 500mg. On bad days it just takes the edge off, makes it bearable, but I have to have a clear head for work (statistical analysis, quality and contract compliance) so anything stronger is a no-no.

    I'm blessed with a high pain tolerance thank God. Got it from my mom (as well as her other rotten genes lol). My attitude is a bit of pain lets you know not to go charging around like a five year old and doing more damage! Or maybe I'm just a masochist?!! :)

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