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I am taking 4 sulphazalazine a day with methotrexate which I have been on for 4 months and still taking 10 mg steroids,

my joints especially wrists and knees very swollen and painful, stopped drinking alcohol completely but my condition does not seem to be improving. Not sure whether to up steroids again but concerned of the long term damage this is causing ? I am not sure which is the lesser of 2 evils?

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If possible steroids should only be used short term (although sometimes no option). So if the MTX and sulpha aren't controlling the RA after 4 months I think you should start nagging the doc to be put on something else. There are lots of different drugs and some work better for some people than others, so here will probably be something that will suit you better. And yes, don't risk damage by leaving it too long, so hope you can get an appt soon. Polly


Thanks, they only put me on sulpha last month but told me it was all trial and error they think I had a virus last summer which caused this RA, I am going back in 4 weeks but it is almost 9 months since the symptoms started and does not seem to be improving much. I will ask if there is something else I can try.


i was on sulpha and steroids for 10 years untill my body started to fight it

short term it ok, any longer be carefull

good luck and good health xx

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Adding sulpha to MTX will take at least 6-8 weeks to know if it's making a difference.

In the meantime you may need a steroid injection, or increase of tablets, to cover the inflammation while the long-acting drugs do their work. ASK!


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