Finally went to the Gardens

Finally went to the Gardens

Well, I finally went to the beautiful Gardens in Omaha with my friend. She kept cancelling on me, then we had conflicting schedules, then we just picked a day & went last Tuesday.

It was a beautiful day, around 80 degrees or so & there was a nice breeze. We went during the day, so the gardens were pretty empty. We saw some wild turkeys and a rabbit, & heard lots of birds singing. Since we have had some really hot weather already, we missed some of the blooms. They had people in all areas planting as fast as they could to catch up with the weather.

The pansies were planted this year in patterns, I really liked the designs they made. Their hostas were going gang busters, they were really huge & beautiful.

The picture shows me after having worn a hat all afternoon in the sun, so my hair is a bit flat, oy. I think this was close to the English Garden area. We took the picture after we had walked 2 1/2 miles through the Park.

I'll send pictures of the Japanese Garden next.

I had a wonderful time and came back so relaxed & worry free.


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If I ever get to Nebraska, you will have to show me this place!!


I would love to show you these Gardens, Loret. They have a tram too, so you don't have to walk it. I've ridden on it before, & they have a nice commentary about the different gardens.


Sounds like a wonderful goal for a trip West! Lxx


Christine, what a lovely photo of you in the gardens, you look really relaxed and happy. I know your visit was a long time coming, but it looks worth it. We are having a spell of lovely weather at the moment, not that i can sit out in it much as i can't get comfy due to op on knee,but i do try to go out in it as i love the sun.

Have a lovely day.



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