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EEE I don't know

EEE I don't know

Can I do it? Can I not do it? Can I afford not to do it? And what is it!!!???

In a previous life, with someone unmentionable, I used to do a lot of camping during the summer. We had various sized tents and cars over the years and living not far from the welsh border it was easy to just load up the car and go. Sometimes for a couple of days sometimes for a week and once - heavens to betsy - we went for 10 days!!!

I was young (weren't we all at some point and some people still are!) anyway,,,, I was young and nothing phased me really. If we were broke, we managed, if we had problems, we fixed them (or I fixed them) just got on in life and faced it.

Psycholologically speaking, if I was like that before I can be like that again. Nowadays not even (I do not meant that to sound insignificant) but not even disablement should stop you from doing things, or at least THINKING you can do things. Should it? I know there are the days when you get laid flat, and the tiredness and achy limbs actually physically stop you doing things.

So....methinks.... sorry still mulling this over in my mind, hoping that this blog will help me put some perspective on it. - So.... realistically that attitude and that part of my "old" self should still be lurking somewhere in the undergrowth. Shouldn't it?

Right then she says.... the worlds my oyster just with a few adaptations. Slight change of direction, slightly different things to think about whilst planning, like outings, holidays, (WORK) (laters).... housework, cooking, cleaning..just needs a bit more forethought and planning, but the old "come on let's get do it" attitude should still be there. Shouldn't it.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself, because even though I am sort of having a bit of a flare up, my head is in the right place and having laid off the old co-dydramols and stuck with paracetamol the fog has lifted from the brain. I am re-bounding on my trampoline, which I am convinced helps... blah blah blah. Today mainly I am being positive.. and hoping that the next time I think I have a set back, I shall look at this blog and think... hmm I shall cope.

So look out IT..... here I come....... way hey...

Next stop - money making options....

Take care

Julie xxx

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Hi Julie

I enjoyed reading your blog, totally agree and though somedays I just want to curl up under the covers, and in the early days of RA i did feel very sorry for myself and the"why me" but now i make the most of things though can be done, like you said things need more planning but thinking postive is very important

best wishes



Not even Disablement should stop you doing things !! Have u been reading the daily mail Julie? well then Girl.... I have a great money making idea for you ...... A job for less than minimum wage ( recent Tory suggsetion for Society disabled/and or learning disabled )

Sorry I couldnt help being a little tongue in cheek about current political times

Glad u feeling ok and laying off codydramol

keep blogging




Yay Sparkie - exactly! :-} No I haven't read the Mail. I do get my dander up when I read the paper, because they don't report they try and manipulate (no I am not paranoid) I shall have a look at that because I think I am not worth paying full minimum wage any way hving this tacky horrible disease (tongue in cheek) - just who the effing hell do they think they are..... see I get my dander up and I haven't even read it yet!!!

Thanks for your encouragement... I shall.

Take care

Julie xx


You Go Girl :)

Another great blog…in a nut, yes your life has changed but yes you are still you!

All things get done but in a different way & with help more often than not. For instance I am just back from my food shop, well a good hour ago now as my other half said he'd come & help me (a miracle for Mr "I'm allergic to shopping of any kind!") if we go really early, so cringe I was up at the crack of dawn, a siesta may be needed later, lol.

Anyway, another point is camping! I resisted for years, saying I couldn't cope, thinking it would be awful, then last year we ended up having to for two nights, so I thought well if it's awful we can abandon it…it was Fabulous, I coped & loved it, we even went two more times. We now have invested in a lovely new roomy tent. We have a blow up bed, that I need help to get on & off, ha, ha, we take our feather duvet & pillows for home comforts. So there you do have to try these things.

Hold on to that positivity :) xxx


Thanks Steph an well done you... I used to love camping, but old RH won't contemplate it... he likes his creature comforts, despite the fact that you can camp, like home from home, but he will take some convincing.

Take care

Julie xx


Take him Glamping then if he dont fancy camping!

Heres a link

A few off my friends went the other week and after seeing there pics on facebook I am so gutted I missed out.

Hope you mange to get somewere I am sure you will have a fab time.

Always love reading your blogs you are such a great writter.

Have you never thought off taking it up profesinally?

I could read your blogs all day and I am sure if you did a book it would be the same.

Take care

Julie x


Hi Julie - just checked the site, certainly look like home from home. Thanks looks good, now let's see what RH thinks!

Thanks for the compliment and you are not the first to say this, I am very encouraged. I never thought for one minute that I might actually be able to write and make money!!Wow.. perhaps I can replace Liz Jones' Diary in the Mail? Lol

Thanks me duck

Take care

Julie xx


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