Any RA sufferer with hardening of leg arteries?(leg amputated?)

I am a newbie (from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 65yr old retired male)

16yrs with RA

Hi everyone!

My question: Any RA sufferer with hardening of leg arteries? Pain and unhealed foot sores due to poor blood circulation?

If so - is your leg amputated as a result of this poor blood circulation - please tell me of your experience. Thanks so much.

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Hi scouser -" have the Dr's decided to amputate yet or are they still looking at alternative measures?"

No decisions have been made - DH was released from hospital yesterday - was on antibiotic drip x 4days for septic arthritis in the wrist joint - caused by the infection in the foot sores. Other than antibiotics/pain pills there are NO alternatives! Yes, you state it clearly - horrific pain indeed!

His ortopedic dr says the foot 'still looks okay' prescribed 2wks oral antibiotic and Tramacet for the pain. After that - we take it day by day. I, DW, wash the sores and put bactroban and clean dressing on the foot. Dr says, as in your dad's case, that if he amputate the toes, not long then the foot then the lower leg. Better to amputate once only - under the knee.

Yes, amputation with RA is a bit different - the patient is already weak. He has hardly any muscles in his arms - muscle wastage. We will cross the bridge when we get there!

scouser - did your father go the rehab hosp. after amputation - how is his walking? in wheelchair only? did you guys make changes in the house/bathroom/toilet, etc? and what about a hospital bed? I am just thinking what about my back if I must 'nurse'/ bath him while lying on a standard bed?

This post is getting long now - will write again. Thanks for listening. DW


scouser - you mention that dad had too much pain with the artificial leg - where exactly did he feel the pain?

Oh yes, Dh will love the electric scooter - he is a 'car man' - anything with a motor will make him very happy. He is a super handy man - loves to work on motorcar engines but his life is already changing now that he feels weak and experiencing all this pain. Please forgive if I am sketching a negative picture re RA - just want to give you guys an idea of his health situation. All this time we are still hopeful - together, we will make it. I am thinking of visiting the rehab hospital (close to home) to see how they've got bars and whatever installed in the bathrooms, toilet, etc. Maybe they can tell me where to shop for a hospital bed. The hospital bed, I think is the first to purchase.Did you buy a wheelchair and crutches straight away or did you first rent?

Alone? well it is only the two of us (65yrs & 67yrs) Daughter and her Dh & sons live far away (12hrs drive per car - 2hrs per plane) and they've got busy working and school schedules.

scouser - thank you so much taking the time to answer all my questions. I feel fortunate to have met you. Hugs


Asked by RAsufferer. I can relate to part of your question. As well as RA, I also have type 2 diabetes. Couple of years back I had both legs 'cleared out' via an angioplasty. Suspect I may need it again soon. Also, Not healing properly is also a side effect / direct result of diabetes. Make your health support staff your new best friends!


. . . Suspect I may need it again soon,

bmc875 - please let us know when you are going in for another angioplasty!

Ja, right at the beginning of DH's RA, his ortopedic surgeon said to him:' We are going to become good friends' SO TRUE - we see him often! he is not just an excellent dr. but also a man with a good heart.

bmc875 - here is a hug & kiss (*) you RA-guys are all in my thoughts, every day!

Bless you all - RAsufferer, DW


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