Has anyone had to be tested for Lyme Disease

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had been tested for Lyme. My daughter has been diagnosed with Chronic Pain, she's had her knees injected (bad reaction to that) and has many Lyme symptoms which mimic other diseases apparantly. I don't recall her ever being bitten by a tick, however we do live in a hot spot for Lyme near the New Forest. She's not on any meds yet and we are a year into all this...

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I have been tested in the past, and have had friends with Lyme because of working in countryside. I can't really remember now, but I thought there was a specific test for it? Certainly worth asking the docs, and if you live near the new forest I'd have thought they'd be pretty familiar with it. The symptoms are similar, so could well be a thought. A lot of these inflammatory things are quite indiividual, and often hard to diagnose so it does take time. But not a year! Good luck. Polly


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