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Hi as I have said, I am going through a bad patch with my knees swelling up. I have had a injection in the right but the left is just has bad. I used to walk with one stick for a short distance and could even get up stairs. Now I am having trouble just walking with two sticks. I spent last night downstairs in my chair to give my bones a rest. They say you should excersise, which I try to do but when your in pain how can you. If you sit to long it hurts when you get up, if you walk and excersise it hurts and can damage your joints. Anyway I am thinking of getting some crunches when I'm this bad, does any one find it better then sticks.

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Beeper,i have both. I have 2 sticks which i am using at the moment,but i also have crutches as well and i have to say i use them as well. They are a good investment for times when your in a lot of pain. They cost about £20-£30 depending on how much you want to pay and what they have in stock. I find when i'm out on my scooter sticks are easier as they are not as bulky. I often end up downstairs as i can't get comfy at the moment. With crutches make sure that you get them to fit your height. They are able to move up and down,you need to get someone to help you judge if they are high enough.

We're in a catch 22 aren't we, we walk to exercise to keep us mobile,but it gives us more pain than before.

They are a useful tool to have,so i would say try them

Best of luck.xx


It is hard to keep exercising when it all hurts - but generally the less you do the worse it gets as you lose muscle tone that does help protect your joints. There are all sorts of things you can do sitting or even lying down - check in your local library for books or see if there's a local disability organisation that offers support. It's tough, but do try.

As for sticks etc. I don't need to use them now but when my knees were bad I found the elbow crutches best as my hands hurt too!



Polly, tell me about the elbow crutches--are they called "StrongArm crutches?" My hand surgeon recommended them, as he didnot want me to use canes, which I hadn't been as they bent the wrist back too far. I looked them up online, I think I will order them, but they would have to be adjusted to my short, stubby size. I am barely making 5 feet, or 60 inches. ( I MUST get a conversion chart and keep here on my desk, as I know you deal with centimeters and centigrade.)

Anyways, I was wondering how comfortable they are to use, I would have to put full weight on them. I can walk quite well with 2 regular canes, alternating just as you alternate steps when walking. Thanks. Lxx


Whoops, overlooked your question Loret. I only tried them for a bit, as I improved quite well and went down to a single stick after a while. They were ok, although I found that they made my back ache, but them I'm tall (5' 9") and I don't think they were properly adjusted for my height. But comfort was fine in terms of feeling confident with them. Can you borrow some to try?

I thought of you and conversions when Tilda was talking about putting all her pills in her pants drawer - I think those are trousers in the US? But I still use feet and inches - too old to change, although I have now mastered centigrade and completely forgotten Fahrenheit. Odd isn't it? Pollyx


Nah, hardly ever use the term "trousers", it's pants :) or slacks, if more dressy. Reminds me, I put summer clothes away last Fall, with the intent to get new white pants and shorts this year. guess it's time! I wear more white pants in the summer, then all my tops, shirts, blouses, whatever you call them can coordinate.

I used to know, in college, the conversion formula for temps, but totally forgot it. A chart is too much easier.

Have a great one. Loret


Well if you want to find Tilda's stock of drugs, look in her knicker drawer! You won't find them with her pants....Px


hahah You used knickers, drawers and pants in the same sentence! The English language is crazy, all foreigners swearit is the most difficult to learn to speak!!


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