John Bishop

I went to see John Bishop's last show on his tour last night at the Echo Arena. It was absolutely hilarious. Although I rated him already, he went up in my estimation enormously when he announced during the show that the ticket sale proceeds from last night (which must have been substantial, as it was packed to the rafters because they were filming it for DVD) were going to charity, namely a paediatric rheumatology unit near to where he lives. I think that's fab!

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  • Yay I like John Bishop too... what a nice chappie...

  • Oh that's great ... what a decent soul he is :)

  • One of his sons suffers with juvenile arthritis, I believe. I appreciate that showbiz people can afford to donate sometimes, but rheumatology is not a popular cause. He announced at the end that it would be his, "last gig for a while, as I want to take time off to be a Dad". What a great fella.

  • That's lovely!

  • I saw John tweet about this, and said it was a wonderful cause, as you say Andrea it's an area that is often overlooked.

    I love his every day humour too.

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