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Adventures with lawnmower

I let my grass grow too long so I dragged out my lawnmower on Wed. I let it sit in the sun, added gas & oil, then primed it & attached the bungie cord to hold the two bars together-this lets me pull the starter cord with both hands. But I pulled & pulled & nothing. So I did other things for awhile, then came back & tried again & somehow my right hand got caught up in the starter cord & all of a sudden I had extreme pain.

I was a dummy so kept on doing yard work, pulling weeds & clipping my bush & tree. When I came inside my hand was so swollen & sore. I iced it for an hour & a half. Later, with the threat of thunderstorms, I dragged my mower back to my shed.

I took it easy all Thursday, in fact, I watched tv most of the day & kept my hand up. Now, Saturday morning-it feels a lot better, finally. I'd say it only hurts about 20% now & only when I bend my hand.

I don't think I did any lasting damage, and I haven't told my doctor yet. I will call them on Monday & report it. They may tell me to come in for an x-ray, which will cost me money that I don't have.

I love mowing, feeling like I can still do that much & also loving the smell of cut grass. I don't know what to do now. I may have to find some kid who can mow for me for not much money. Dad did come over & mow this time for me but I can't expect him to mow for me all of the time, he's 70 now & has his own projects to do.

Well, I'll just enjoy today & see what tomorrow brings.

Have a lovely weekend, all.


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Yes, there's nothing like the smell of cut grass. And slowly walking up and down with the mower can be restful.. But I'm also dreading the thought of getting the mower out - should the rain ever stop of course as still too wet - because the thought of tugging at the mower cord just wears me out. Anyway, I've been contemplating about selling the pull cord operated mower I've got, and buying one with a key turned starter (like on a car). A bit more expensive in the short term - but cheaper than paying someone to do it. And the last person I offered to pay to mow the grass, a local 16 year old, then went a got a girlfriend so lost interest completely in doing anything else at weekends!

But hope your hand is back to normal tomorrow. Px


I have a electric lawnmower and hubby usually cut it. Next door when they get the mower they do the whole lawn as we don't have any divide between lawns. Both of us do that. My lot won't let me near the lawnmower,i don't know why!!!!

Is your hand easier now. Get an eletric one they are lighter and easier to use.

Have a good day. sylvi.xx


Ah poor you Christine - the smell of newly cut grass is the best tonic I agree. I don't even begin to do ours because it's all on a steep slope but I do get really preoccupied with it when it gets too long and OH is off or busy elsewhere and sometimes contemplate dragging it out of the shed but it would do for me completely as it's huge and my ankle would hate all the twisting of the slope just now too. I think you should look out for some young person who seems game - an Edward Scissorhands perhaps - and offer to give them cash in hand to do it for you - or a nice reference perhaps? TTx


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