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I had a telephone call from my Dr at 7.30 this evening telling me that in addition to being anemic my CRP level has gone from 56 to 76. When I last spoke to my RA nurse (last Friday) she made no mention of this and just said my levels were ok but my Dr seemed worried. Should I be worried and what are the long term implications of this inflammation increase? Thanks Mel

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  • Hi again,

    This is a test for the measurement of inflammation in your blood, I guess as your level is raised, you will be referred asap to a Rheumatologist, and they will, with the correct combination of Dmards get your bloods within a normal range this takes time and varies from person to person, are you on steroids yet?

    Don't panic, this is all the usual with this condition and with the right treatment it will be controlled. The more upset & worried you get, can make it worse. I am sure you can arrange to go in and have a chat with your GP & he will explain step by step, what is happening (to the best of his knowledge) Make a list of questions, and take your partner/ best pal/ mum/ sister to be an extra set of ears, most docs don't mind. I have been where you are, and I am Ok now with minimal damage to joints. It is very frightening but know that this group is here to support you. I had no one and was clueless and wish I had been able to talk to others.

    Good Luck & msg me any time you need to chat.


  • far as I can see highish.. my nhs trust uses viscosity instead dif tEst with completelY diff numbers.. inflammation will have risen as number has risen.. above 100 is definately cause for concern hope this is of some limited use.. ask for the test to be repeated in a week or two, get meds revview. noe sure what you take assume its methotrexate tablets?? normally one of their favourite choices?

  • Hi

    I am afraid that I am not terribly knowledgable on these things. read and pick up what I can as I am a relative newby with RA. I think Mand or lyn shoud be able to help if they log in at some stage. My CRP is about 60 ( similar range) which means as you know higher inflammation. I think long term damage probably comes from sustained uncontrollable inflammation over a period of time. My nurse wasnt too worried at 60 and said the highest she had seen was 200! I think just need to find the right meds for us. before we worry too much.Which is not always straightforward and sometimes takes a few attempts!

    Take Care Mel

    fiona x

  • Hi Mel

    I wouldn't be concerned at this stage! Yes, CRP is on the high side but not dreadfully so (like in the hundreds). There are what are regarded as 'normal' ranges but in reality everyone's 'normal' varies. A rise in the level is indicative of inflammation and disease not well controlled BUT one test is insufficient to draw any firm conclusions. I personally would normally have another test done in two weeks time to see if the CRP/ESR has dropped. Often it can rise due to factors other than RA and by next time it will have gone down again.

    Fiona is right, a small rise in CRP for a few months will have little or no effect on the long term prognosis. Long term damage arises when the condition is uncontrolled for long periods of time, it doesn't happen over night!

    Additionally, beware of what you read on the internet. There is a lot of erroneous and misleading information around that can easily send one into a panic! GP's also rarely have all the gen on RA and often get agitated over blood levels. If your RA nurse feels the levels are "ok" I would be happy with that. Are you on ferrous sulphate for the anaemia?

    Let us know how you go on,

    Lyn x

  • Dear Lyn,

    Thank you for that. it's is reassuring to get other peoples views on this. My CRP has been at 50 then 55 then 56 for the last few months and now 76. I am having a blood test every week at the moment due to weekly increases in MTX. Your right about not looking at the internet, last night after I posted this question I started to have a look and within half an hour was sure I was either going to have a heart attack or a stroke during the night! Dr told me just to go to Boots and get some iron tablets and she will review it after my next results. Looking on the bright side though I'm so tired at the moment at least I'm sleeping at night! From what everyone has said in other blogs it sounds like your one of the people to rush to if worried about anything, although in retrospect I assume that's from experiance so not really a good thing. Once again many thanks for taking the time to reply. Regards Mel

  • Hi Mel

    Surprisingly perhaps I believe all experience is a wonderful thing! Good or bad we learn from it and whilst that may not help us directly it can be useful to others in a similar situation.

    I've had over 23 years of RA so plenty of experiences along the way with treatments, operations, four children (including twins) etc. I have been involved in quite a bit of research and also like to do a fair bit of reading up. It doesn't make me any more qualified than the next person but I'm always happy to share experiences

    If you're sleeping so well it's because it's what your body needs so make the most of it! I'm up in the middle of the night because my body thinks it doesn't need to sleep, steroids have actually conned it I'll be weary when it comes time to get up in the morning!

    Lyn x

  • Hi Mel

    Can you tell me what the policy is on methotrexate blood testing in your area . I have some concerns that practice across the uk is inconsistent. Sounds like you are being well monitored though.



  • Dear Sparkle. I have had to have a blood test every two weeks for three months and then every month. However if there is an increase in my MTX then I have to go back to two weekly test again. At the moment I'm on weekly tests due to the fact that I am increasiing my MTX weekly for the next three/four weeks so need to be carefully monitored, then I be back to monthly (at some stage) My GP has insisited on these tests due to my white bllod count and CRP. Hope this helps.



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