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aloe vera?

hi, just wondered if anyone had any experience of aloe know how people like to recommend this and that....aloe vera being one of them....I've read postives and negatives about it.....seems like it contradictory though, boosting the immune system....which isn't whats required?

Any experience anyone??

I would love to get off my diclofenac & Paracetamol, but just can't!! Too much pain!! I also take MTX injections 20mg, and hydroxycholoroquine.

Thanks :-)

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Hi Fizzy,

Aloe vera has many uses, recently I took some tabs of it for 'regularity' it worked very well, not sure for RA, but doubt would 'do any harm' as my Rheumy says, check with pharmacist.

Regards, Gina.

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I'd be cautious about anything that suggested it boosted the immune system as that's what we don't need! No idea if Aloe Vera does actually do this, or merely says it does but my rheumy told me to avoid natural supplements like a

Echinea for that reason. Having said that I have used a cream of it to help heal cuts more quickly, but such a tiny amount that I couldn't see it upsetting the meds. Polly

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IF Aloe Vera boosts the immune system then it would not be logical to take it while taking other preparations to suppress the immune system which in RA is attacking your joints and other parts of your body.

If it doesn't (and I think the evidence is the Scottish verdict of "not proven"), then you should look at why you think it would help you with your particular symptoms and whether you want to risk it just possibly competing with other drugs you are taking for which there is lots of evidence..


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