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Elbows report

Been to hospital hardly slept cause I was scared of overlaying. Its quite a drive from where I live. Anyway made it on time. Had x rays on hands and feet bloods tests and saw the consultant and nurse. Anyway apparently my elbows are fine (I must be imagining it). Don't have to go back for a year. Unless things change of course. I also asked about sunbathing and being on methotrexate and sulphasalazine but they didnt see it as anythng to worry about. Anyway I will be mindful of what you bloggers have said about the factor of sun cream needed and will be careful.

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Good news Sharon though doubt you imagining things! I sunbathe carefully and have had no problems factor 15/20, burn a little easier on decollatage maybe!



Yes I will be careful in the sun thankyou Gina.


Well sounds good news on the elbow front. But doubt you have imagined anything! If it still affects you, go back and take care.

Julie xx


Yes thanks Julie I will.


Hi Sharon, I doubt you imagined it either, only a few weeks ago I had a lower spine x-ray and was informed everything was fine. Was only when I went for my consultants appointment last week that I was told spine had damage due to RA, how much they weren't sure! so have to go for an MRI now.

If I were you I'd still be a little cautious in the sun, I took Sulphsalazine and came out in the most awful rash even had to have a biopsy on it to confirm what it was and what had caused it. I was told to keep out of the sun altogether, the only problem was I was off to Corfu in a few weeks. That was about ten or more years ago though, I still go abroad I just make sure I apply plenty of suntan lotion, never had any problems since. So I'm sure you will be fine.

If you keep having problems with your elbow then be persistent and let them now, after all your the one suffering not them.

Hope you have a lovely holiday.

take care

Mandy xx


Thank you Mandy.


Hi Sharon

before I was diagnosed the first thing to go dodgy was my elbow. It didnt hurt outrageously or anything but it just went really weak and clicky and then slightly bent. Now its v def bent and gets sore on the elbpw joint/tip. have had steroid injection into it from consultant which was a bit painful.

Happy holidays



Hi Fiona your elbow sounds nasty. Hope the injection helped.


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