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help? any advice would be great


i have just joined this, i am 29, i have had RA since i was 14. i have tried many drugs, i am getting sacred as its getting worse, i get pains all day in my legs not just in my joints. i am very tired a lot and its taking over my life. i really dont know what to do?? can anyone suggest anything i can do, i have put on some weight but i am trying hard to lose it and have started going to hydropool for gentle exercises. i am getting very depressed with it all and have no one that i can talk to who understands.


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Hi Sherbygoat - welcome to HU although I'm sorry you've had to find us but if you've had RA since you were 14 and coped without this site then well done - this place keeps me sane! I haven't got much advice for you as I'm new to RA (been diagnosed for only 6 months) but just wanted to say hi and sure others will have suggestions - you keep coming here and you will feel less lonely and depressed as we all know what it's like to be in pain and struggle with weight etc. Big gentle hug to you. Tilda xxx


Greetings, you've come to the right place to get advice. What drugs are you on? Have you spoken to your rheumy about how you are? Depression does go hand in hand with ra, so i suggest you see youe doctor and they will give you something to help you.

I'm afraid to say that people without ra doesn't understand what your going through and sometimes they are very anti towards you. My advice to that is get as much material on ra that you can get and give it to them and then they might just understand a bit better. Your hospital will have leaflets that you can pick up.

I'm sorry that i'm not much use,but i will tell you that your welcome to rant on here all you like as we all know what your going through.

Also ring rnas and they will be able to send you material as well and i know the helpline staff are very good too.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi there,

Having RA so young must have been very hard on you, so not surprised that you're struggling. But well done for starting exercise as that can only do you good physically and emotionally.

As Sylvi says, have you spoken to your GP about how you feel? (I find that my GP is better re the emotional side of RA as my rheumy is only interested in my bones). Many GPs can still refer you for counselling, and having somewhere to talk about how you feel could help you. And also if you're getting more widespread pain then GP needs to check out that there isn't another reason apart from RA. Book an appointment tomorrow so you have it in the near future. And if you don't like your GP then go find another one. The NRAS helpline are good too.

Take care, Polly



Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. As Sylvi said, our helpline team are really helpful and may have some suggestions for you. Their freephone helpline number is 0800 298 7650 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-4.30pm).

I hope this helps,




Welcome to the site ,I am sorry to hear that you have had arthritis so long x

You must contact your Gp and tell him how you are feeling he might either suggest some form of counselling or may be some anti depressants which can really help

Take care Alison


Hi Sherbygoat

I'm 42 and was diagnosed in Feb 2012, I have an 18 year old daughter and this RA scares me shitless that I will have massive complications and die young leaving her without a mother. I too struggle with coming to terms with this. So, I have found a support group in my area which I am attending for the first time tonight, will let you know how I get on. My legs have been aching alot this week, but so I've read on this site, the rain effects us, something to do with the air pressure.

I totally understand what you are going through, try to keep your chin up, (I know it's hard, I'm sitting crying whilst typing this message to you) and make this live with you NOT you live with this.

Take care :-)




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