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ENBREL, will it stop working and what else is out there????

hi quick question, i developed RA 3 yrs ago 6 months after qualifying as a personal trainer!! 1 year of meds and nothing working tried most things, i was offered enbrel! 3 days later things started improving! 2 years later still really good!! before crp, esr both over 100, now better than a normal person less than 3!! DAS was 7.8 which was classed as severe, now its down to 0.68 on last hospital visit! they were shocked how low it was! i feel good, back at gym although cant run!!! want to go back to personal training but have a well paid job full time with sick pay and unsure what to do in-case i become self employed PT again and meds stop working,and have to stop working, have mortgage etc etc but feel ive wasted last 2 years as felt really good and dont wana waste another 5!!! very scared what to do?? any ideas or experiences greatly received!

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I don't know the answer here at all Antony but seems to me you might be foolish in the current climate to quit a good job with sick pay for self-employment if you don't have to. Could you go part time and try being a PT again for a few days a week rather than all or nothing with it? Anyway you must be delighted with the way the Enbrel is working - I wish I was on it too! TTx


Hi glad to hear you have done so well on Enbrel i am just waiting for the phone call to tell me its on its way being delivered! I was on Humira before and i got down to a really low DAS score and felt normal again which was wonderful but just as you are getting back to your "normal" life things can happen I suddenly without any reason became allergic to the drug and had a horrific rash on my ankles and feet where it made my skin inflamed and it just came off! My calves had oedema (swollen) and i was back to being disabled within a couple of days!! It has taken me nearly a year to get back to feeling ok again but with a high DAS score of nearly 6 i have only just been approved to try another Anti TNF Enbrel i cant wait. Having had a taste of normality i cant wait to get back there again but be warned it may not last. I dont want to be the voice of doom but dont take it for granted, even though you feel good now make sure you are covered for sick pay and take things easy which ever way you decide to go, you will alway have RA even if you are in remission. Good Luck and i hope you continue feeling great. Sue x


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