I did it again?!

I cannot believe it, but I made a huge fool of myself today. I drove 60 miles in blinding rain to pick up my Dad & SMom from the airport in Omaha, and they are actually coming in-Tomorrow. So, I'll be making the trip again.

I tell you, this Fibro Fog is the pits. It wastes my time & money (for gas). I could just kick myself-if my foot/knee felt better, oy.

Ok, done with my pity party, now off to do laundry & maybe put my Christmas boxes away. I boxed up Christmas months ago, but I haven't put the boxes into my storage space yet. After I do that, I think I'll watch some old Grey's Anatomy episodes while I have soup on this cold rainy day. Soup is a comfort food, & M&M's will help too.


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Hi T W,

I know that feeling lol, HAve you tried writing things down lol, best of luck with your drive tomorrow and I hope it is at least dry.



Christine, it is so hard to remember things isn't it. I forget names and places and i keep saying, (thingy you know who i mean) it is so frustrating isn't. You must rest now until you have to go back and fetch them.

You take care, sylvi. xx


Oh Christine, you poor thing - like your soup and m&m's snack. I forget everything as well - am starting to fill in a calendar.

We are having such petrol (gas) price hikes over here in the uk. It is costing me twice as much this year as last to use my car, i assume it is probably the same in the usa.

Have a safe journey today.


Do try writing things down it will help enormously.I would be lost without calenders. And sometimes for reallly important things I write on my hand in case I forget to look at my lists!! Hope the weatherr stays dry for your trip.take care and safe driving xxxx


Sorry to hear what you are going through, I have post it notes which i stick everywhere, and use an alarm on my mobile when I need to take tablets, etc. Hang in there, sending you a hug. Paula x


Poor you - I leave notes to myself all over the place and have a large calendar in the hall and everything gets written down on it. Might be worth a go.

Hope you were not too tired after your double journeys. I find driving for an hour is about as much as I can manage these days. Using the train on Sunday to go and meet Himself who is away for a few days and a friend is driving me to the station and helping me get the animals into kennels. I can't even manage that any more! LavendarLady x


I have a very forgetful friend. We have big luggage labels that we write on, and then tie to the buttons of her coat. And rather important things like 'don't forget to pick your kids up from nursery'. So it could be worse! Hope you get better weather for trip tomorrow. Polly


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