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Lower back pains, hip aches and heavy/tingly right arm and leg

Hi... I'm 23 f and I'm a support worker/care assistant

4years ago while at work I was pulled down to the ground by a client, thus caused by back to first hurt

2years ago I had a car accident and suffered with whiplash

I'm now still suffering with pain the my lower back, which is almost unbearable! Sometimes if iv been sitting or laying and I go to get up l, I get a awful sharp stab in my back, which stops me from moving any further. Also just recently I feel that my arms and legs are heavy, sometimes tingly and abit numb, if im sitting or laying i cant get rid of the horrible feeling in my arms and legs so i feel like i need to constantly be moving them around, my hips ache and I'm struggling to sleep.

Iv been taking pain killers, heat compression and iv tried ice packs

Any help would be grateful, Iv been wanting a dr appointment but due to bank holidays I can't get one.

Thankyou x

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Hi, its sounds like a nerve problem maybe. But your doctor will get to the bottom of it. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Ps. If you can't get an appointment soon try your nearest walk in centre. Xxxx


Hi there, thanks for your reply...

I managed to get a appointment today, my doctor thinks its a trapped nerve in my lower back, I'm now waiting for a X-ray, though on a waiting list :(

Do you no any thing about trapped nerves? What will happen once iv had a X-ray?

Thankyou, hope your well xx


Hi Colly,

Ooh sounds sore, I used to get a trapped nerve in my neck and symptoms were very similar but more intense pain in neck and shoulders than lower back.

Hot and cold packs work sometime for aches and pains so might be worth a try. I tried a lot of different things, the best results were with a sports physiotherapist - if you can find any through friends that's always good. I also had acupuncture which again worked but was not the most pleasant.

If it's a trapped nerve, as it sounds like, I'm not sure what an x-ray will show up - but then I'm not a doctor. My thinking would be that an MRI would show it up better, as was the case with mine.

Good luck, hope wait's not too long. In the meantime, try gentle stretching and definitely locate a good physiotherapist x


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