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NRAS & other RA patient groups in your area

NRAS & other RA patient groups in your area

NRAS groups run regular meetings across the UK and are a fantastic source of information and support. Topics range from Q&A sessions with consultants to talks on benefits; blood monitoring to exercise; diet to travelling with drugs! You name it at some stage most groups cover it. Groups are all about learning more about better disease self management....they are not a tea and sympathy moaning session! HA.

In April and May alone there are group meetings in Scarborough, Bolton, Sheffield, Lincoln, Weston super Mare, Plymouth, Newcastle, Pembury & Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, South Birmingham, Leicester, Christchurch, Great Yarmouth, Oldham, Leeds, Swansea, Sutton Coldfield, Taunton, Oxford, Worcester, West Essex, Southend on Sea, Maidstone, Yeovil, Solihull, Blackpool, St Helens, Isle of Wight and Salisbury. PHEW! To find out more about these and other groups visit or email

While you may feel you don't "need" a group just may well be able to help someone else finding it hard to cope with their RA. So please do go along to a group near you.... where there are people JUST LIKE YOU!

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Hi Clucky,

As a young (ish) person with RA, I was really worried about attending the group, as I had been told (wrongly) that they were all "old fuddy duddys" (the other persons words not mine)

I was also worried about how the group would be held and would I feel singled out / would I feel like I didnt belong etc!

How wrong could I and the person who I spoke to both be!

The group Ive attended and have been made to feel part off the family, has a good range off ages! They are all so welcoming / friendly / supportive etc!

I couldnt have asked for anything better and cant beleive I put it off for so long in the first place.

If there is a group in your area and your thinking off going then dont just think about it!! Do it!!

Ive not looked back!!

And Ive learned so much! Met so many new friends!

And I enjoy every meeting Ive been too.

Julie x


Hi Julie

Thank you for such a lovely comment. All the groups are different of course as some meet during the day, some at weekends and some in the evenings so naturally some will attract a more varied age group than others. It would be great to get more "younger" people active and involved so I echo your comments Julie. ....Don't just think about it....DO IT!.

Out of interest which group do you attend? It is always nice to give the group leaders such postive feedback like this.




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