Co-codamol recall - batch LL11701 - Expiry September 2014

According to the BBC (on red button) in the health section Co-codamol batch No LL11701 with an expiry date of September 2014 made by Wockhart UK Ltd. are being recalled as they may contain a larger dose than they should have. Please check it out for yourselves.

The dose should be 8mg/500mg but may contin 30mg/500mg.

I know lots of you are probably taking co-codamol for pain relief so it may be worth checking your packs.

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Thats worrying. I take paracetamol so it doesn't apply to me. Its bad enough that we havento take all this medication without overdosing us by the companies making these products.


Thanks Judi, I think I would know soon enough if they'd given me it the other way round!!

This is worthwhile everyone being cautious but at same time, don't worry yourself too much if you have (as the media loves to cate a panic), I take 30/500 and the dosage is exactly the same as for the 8/500, it's just about getting the right dose that works for you.

Take care everyone x


If the pharmacy supply chain is working properly pharmacies should have had this information prior to the BBC and hopefully very few were dispensed.

Too much codeine isnt as damaging to health as too much paracetamol which could be fatal and as jen says the recommended maximum dose for both is the same ie 2 four times a day(no more than 8 in 24 hours)


Thanks Sylvi, CptJen and Summer,

It worried me because of those of us who may have taken it and then driven off to work. It's not on the BBC red buutton this morning.



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